Care Instructions

Our throws are made from yarns which are mostly kid or fine young goat mohair, which comes from the first shearing of the angora goats. We also use a small portion of wool in the very core of our yarns, as it give tremendous strength and resilience to the yarn. The content in our yarns may vary slightly, as they come from different spinning mills around the world. Some contain a very small nylon or other similar synthetic as a structural component in spinning the mohair yarn. Some throws may contain yarns with silk content.

Fibre release: The yarns are brushed, sometimes before or after weaving. This means that the cloth will continue to release fibres for a while after you begin to use it, the more you do, the faster it will diminish. This is similar to wool or silk carpeting when it is new. 

Care Directions:  All of our handwovens are labeled dry clean only, although they can be carefully washed by hand in cool water and hung to dry. No machines please, we won't warrant their impact on the fabric. 

Dry Cleaning:  If you do choose to dry-clean, caution recommended here if you are not certain of their expertise and care that will be taken with the fabric. Some dry cleaners have been known to full out wash mohair throws in machines with disastrous consequences! Be Careful and ask!

Hand Washing: To wash any of our hand woven or hand knit pieces, the simplest method is to immerse it in cool water in a (very clean, no bath oil residues!) bath tub with shampoo. Let it soak for a while, perhaps 20 minutes, and then gently 'wiggle' the cloth in the wash water. Drain the tub, and fill with cool rinse water. Yes you can even add a bit of cream rinse or fabric softener, our hair loves to be conditioned too. Again gently move the fabric in the rinse to release soap/conditioners, and drain. Rinse once again if needed.

The fabric holds a lot of water, it is best to let it drain over a rail or plastic bench until it stops dripping, shake it out really well and then let dry over a clean straight surface, railing (water proof finish) or laundry line. It will dry quickly.