Accolades from our customers

You have expressed such pleasure and satisfaction with our work, it is an honour and a delight to continue  with such support and enthusiasm!  Here are some responses to our work:

Turned out perfectly with the pattern!  Beat 4th stage cancer while knitting it. Goats heal !!! Feel free to share the pic and story. PS. Forgot to mention that knitting was my meditation, I healed stage 4 breast cancer all naturally. ... N.M.

Hi WHEW Weavers ... I received my sacred throw in the mail yesterday. Today's breath of cool weather allowed me to wrap myself in its warmth and feel its healing energy. My aching legs, from a week of sitting in a conference, began to pulsate under the warmth of the turquoise mohair ... I can say you have truly delivered my vision as I dreamed. Thank you so much for having the knowledge, skill set and imagination to create this for me. It is all that I imagined and then some ... M.C.

Hi Dar and Charlie,

I just wanted to let you know that my throw looks perfect in my living room. It adds that spark of colour that was needed. I`m delighted with it . Thank you for the opportunity to exchange it and to meet you both. ( it was an interesting drive home on the back roads too)

Take care. ... N

Thought that you and Charlie would enjoy seeing the fuzzy snuggle love that your blankets share. I found H. looking like this, this morning. :)  ... S


It arrived yesterday Dar and it's beautiful!  I was so pleased, you knew exactly what I wanted, and it's lovelier than I expected.  It was cold in here last night - I just wrapped myself up in it & was soooo cosy & warm.  Thanks very much, I really appreciate the time, patience and energy you put into creating such a special and unique throw for me.  I love it!

Hope to see you in Haliburton on Thanksgiving weekend.

Have a good summer and "happy weaving”, ... P

Hello Dar,

I wanted to write to you after my brother and his wife received our gift.

The throw did arrive and it is absolutely gorgeous.  They told me it is the one gift they got that they will truly treasure and enjoy, and it reminded my brother of a special throw my family had when we were growing up. They are a real "snuggle up by the fire" kind of couple, so I can't imagine a better addition to their living room.

Thank you again!  I will be in touch again soon because my dear friend in England will be married in the spring - I know she and her fiance would also be thrilled with one of your beautiful works of art! ... E


Hello wonderful weavers,

First off, I would love to express my deepest gratitude and love for
your amazing work.

I was at the One of a Kind show this Christmas with my grandma and my
mama and I was super lucky to be the recipient of their love in the
form of one of your throws.

Charly, you might remember me, My name is K. and my grandmother
fell in love with the "Blue Hawk Breeze" that was hanging on the main
post. We took all day to wonder and before we left, we came back and
my grandmother would not leave the show without it.
When I noticed your logo, I shared with you my love for elephants and
that my grandmother was dabbling in sculpting and I promised to send
you some photos of her elephants with the throw.

It was so wonderful to connect with you and I love that whenever I use
my throw I can feel the energy and love that was put into it...I am
sorry about it taking so long to get these out to you...

I've attached the photos and send you sweet wishes for the new year
(which is well on its way now) and kind regards,
Much heart, ... K

Good Morning Dar and Charly,

I am absolutely thrilled with my throw and I have shown it to my colleagues! They are all in love with your beautiful colour combinations. I know I will enjoy it for many years to come and I’m sure my two sons will argue over who will get it when I’m gone (hopefully not in the too near future!).

My thoughts are with you Dar as you celebrate the life of your Dad and I’m sure he will be looking down and admiring your choice of clothing!

Take care and perhaps I’ll see you in the summer at the art in the park show!

Best wishes, ... Lori

Hi Dar and Charly,

So exciting, our beautiful throw arrived today! We are so pleased with it. The colours are perfect for our room and the throw is as soft or softer than I remember from the One-of-a-Kind  Show where I first met you and saw your gorgeous throws. Our daughters, who were with me, made an excellent decision to buy us one of your unique,custom throws for Christmas.
Thank you also for the pictures. One day I would love to come and see the studio where you have your loom and create your throws.
Not only is the throw gorgeous, you were both great to work with. Your patience and the time and effort you took to make sure we would be pleased with the final product is so much appreciated - great customer service.
We will be sure to recommend you to our friends and acquaintances.

Sincerely and with thanks,
Helen and David

Hello Dar and Charlie;

I just had the most wonderful nap on my porch swing tucked up under my Hyde Park blanket. It was warm and soft and the colours stimulated such peaceful, happy dreams.

May I say that I nearly didn't come by your studio installation because the photo in the printed material didn't begin to reflect the true nature of your art. I thought "oh, blankets". I don't know if there is any way to get an image that comes close to showing the amazing texture of real thing, but I urge you to try. I think so many others would want to know what a lovely product you have achieved.
There is almost an aura about the blankets. As there is about you. Sorry, that seems a bit flaky but I did feel drawn to your energy.
I enjoyed meeting and speaking with you both. I hope we'll cross paths again in the not-too-distant future.